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Tired of your tack room being loaded with supplements for every Condition? 


TriplePerformanceEquine.com is an equine supplement company dedicated to providing the most science based and research proven products for equine enthusiasts. Great Products at Great Prices without lavish marketing expenses. We are a division of Marsyt. Marsyt is an Agricultural company based in the Amish country of Lancaster County Pa, where value and integrity are paramount. Marsyt has 25 years in enhancing the nutritional outcomes of all types of production animals.

We are fortunate to have several horse enthusiasts as key members of our team. Our original Triple Performance product was developed by team members for the benefit of their own horses. The outstanding results have spurred us to develop our own lineup of horse supplements to enhance equine nutrition. Unfortunately, the equine digestive system is not compatible with modern life. Infrequent feedings and changes in diet are responsible for most digestive issues like equine ulcers and laminitis.

  • Multiple ways to support a normal digestive system:

  • Deliver a balanced diet in several small meals throughout the day

  • Maintain ideal body condition, allowing for adequate exercise

  • Maintain usual routine and equipment, especially during training, transportation and competition

  • Include supplements and other feed additives

We want to provide platinum performance to your beloved horse at an affordable price. TriplePerformanceEquine.com will provide the best researched and proven products, both at university levels and with actual horse owners.

All TriplePerformanceEquine.com products will come in a simple package with a simple label. 

   For most Pleasure Horses

  Triple Performance - Original


Triple Performance is formulated with a high level of essential amino acids, protein, minerals, B vitamins and biotin.

Feed your horse from the inside out! A healthy digestive tract is the first step in the health and performance of your horse.

Triple Performance

supports whole-horse health. The overall health of a horse relies on the correct function of the digestive system.

Maintaining the digestive balance of a horse’s gut can be challenging, given the way we feed and manage horses today, including grain-based diets, confinement in stalls, travel and training.


Triple Performance

helps the digestive system to function at the highest level. With a healthy digestive system, your horse can achieve a high level of performance and avoid health risks. Signs of good health show on the outside, when a horse is healthy on the inside.

  • Reduced risk of colic

  • Faster muscle recovery

  • Healthy body condition

  • Enhanced stamina

  • Healthy skin and hair coat

  • Improved hoof health

 Horses with Ulcers and Gastric Distress

Triple Performance STRESS GUaRD

Triple Performance STRESS GUaRD is a natural feed supplement specifically formulated to help maintain GUT HEALTH relieve GASTRIC DISTRESS and reduce damage from OXIDATIVE STRESS.

Triple Performance STRESS GUaRD is also great for foals, adult horses and older horses, but is especially beneficial for:

  • Horses in training and competition

  • Horses prone to gastric and ulcers


In horses as in people, stress can play a role in ulcer development. There are multiple risk factors for gastric ulcers such as intensive training and competition, hauling, diets high in carbohydrates, restrictive turnout and change in ownership.


Triple Performance STRESS GUaRD helps maintain the integrity of the digestive tract by controlling acid production and supporting cell regeneration.

Triple Performance STRESS GUaRD supports:


  • Recovery from training and competition and helps muscle and joint integrity

  • Proper weight management

  • Normal body function in animals

  • Normal immune function

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---TriplePerformanceEquine.com’s supplements are never intended to replace the care of your veterinarian and an equine nutritionist.  It is not our expertise, scope or business model to diagnose or treat illness or injury. Please consult your veterinarian, nutritionist and trainer. The best care for your horse is the result of open communication between all members of its medical team.---