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Another Success Story from Royal Crown Stables

Trainer Doug King "This one looked BAD! Very poor before we started him on Triple Performance Extra and Stress GUaRD"

Triple Performance Stress GUaRD: a natural feed ingredient to help maintain gastric health in intensively managed horses at risk from gastric ulcers

 Triple Performance Stress GUaRD is the product of the fermentation of soya flour by specific lactic acid bacteria

L. delbrueckii lactis Rosell-187.

The main ingredient in Triple Performance Stress GUaRD is successfully used in human that are subject to gastric ulceration.

Triple Performance Stress GUaRD maintains gastric health

Gastric Ulcers are a significant issue for many types of horses including racing and performance horses, mares at stud, foals and leisure horses. Gastric ulcers are lesions that develop in the lining of the stomach or gastric mucosa and their number and severity can vary according to a diagnostic scale of 0-4. Gastric ulcers are common and the prevalence in racehorses is estimated to be near to 90% (Murray and al., 1996).

The development of ulcers occurs when the inherent mucosal protective mechanisms (mucous and bicarbonate secretion, increased blood flow and cell turnover), are overwhelmed by the aggressive action of gastric acid and other protein digesting enzymes.



There are many clinical signs indicating the presence of an ulcer (Colic, irregularity of appetite, unenthusiastic at work…) but a majority of ulcerous episodes remain silent.








Triple Performance Stress GUaRD


Maintains the integrity of the digestive tract: controls gastric acid

Strengthens the health of your horse: limits the consequences of stress.

Contributes to the well-being of your horse: reduces the clinical signs associated with stress.

Triple Performance Stress GUaRD 

Controls gastric acid production and supports cell regeneration

Triple Performance Stress GUaRD

Inhibits gastric acid production and reduces irritation of the mucosa. It stimulates cellular regeneration of the gastric epithelium by interacting with the immune system (increases the anti-inflammatory interleukins IL-6 and inhibits the formation of inflammatory cytokines IL-8 and TNF-a).

It is also likely to have direct buffering effects and may effect blood flow and bicarbonate secretion.

Equine stomach.PNG
Equine ulcer.PNG

Typical Equine Ulcer

Horse Stomach

Triple Performance Stress GUaRD reduces the clinical signs associated with gastric ulcers in horses. Intensively managed horses such as racehorses or other performance horses have little access to pasture, spending much of their time in the stable. They are meal-fed often with inadequate access to forage leaving the stomach partially empty for periods of the day. In horses, the production of gastric acid and proteolytic enzymes is continuous. An empty stomach increases the contact between the gastric juices and the stomach lining leading to its erosion. Loss of appetite reduced body condition,                            


Triple Performance Stress GUaRD can be used following traditional veterinary therapy to maintain gastric health















Veterinary Clinic Les Bréviaires, 2007, 40 horses which received main Ingredient in TPSG only during one month.


graph of ulcer stuff.PNG

Triple Performance Stress GUaRD for foal’s health


Foals are very sensitive to gastric ulcers, which can be fatal. Again, there are many factors that contribute to gastric ulcers in foals including physiological stress, underlying diseases, transport, weaning, or generalized reduction in milk or feed consumption. There are also many nonspecific symptoms of gastric ulceration in foals, including: teeth grinding (bruxism), increased salivation, diarrhea, poor or infrequent feeding or failure to thrive.

 TP Stress GUaRD can be fed to foals during periods where they are at risk from gastric ulcers.


Weaning, life in a stall, a full schedule of travel, training, competition and  other  activities  can  take a toll on your horse’s digestive  health  and  even  lead to gastric discomfort. Fortunately, there are supplements and management practices that you can  implement  to  help  support  a  horse’s  normal digestive health and even ease occasional gastric discomfort.

Who needs ​Stress GUaRD

  • Foals

  • Adult horses

  • Aged horses

  • Horses in training and competition

  • Horses prone to gastric  discomfort

  • Any horse that has had Ulcers


 Stress GUaRD - easy to use

  • Include 2 scoops of  Stress GUaRD per adult horse per day.

  • Stress GUaRD can be doubled at times of high challenge, for up to 30 days.

  •  Stress GUaRD is also safe for foals and can be included at one scoop per foal per day.

  • Stress GUaRD can be fed a one scoop a day when there is little stress

  • Stress GUaRD is an all-natural ingredient and can be used in combination with any veterinarian- prescribed therapy to support normal digestive and gastric health.

  • For best results feed along with Triple Performance Original  or  Extra

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