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Feed your horse from the inside out! A healthy digestive tract is the first step in the health and performance of your horse.

 Triple Performance supports whole-horse health. The overall health of a horse relies on the correct function of the digestive system.

Maintaining the digestive balance of a horse’s gut can be challenging, given the way we feed and manage horses today, including grain-based diets, confinement in stalls, travel and training.

Triple Performance is formulated with a high level of essential amino acids, protein, minerals, B vitamins and biotin.

                                      Triple Performance

helps the digestive system to function at the highest level. With a healthy digestive system, your horse can achieve a high level of performance and avoid health risks. Signs of good health show on the outside, when a horse is healthy on the inside.

- Reduced risk of colic

- Enhanced fiber digestion and nutrient absorption for improved growth

- Faster muscle recovery v Healthy body condition v Better topline

- Enhanced stamina

- Healthy skin and hair coat

- Improved hoof health

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